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Nita Belles is an author, speaker and anti-human trafficking crusader who has worked in a broad scope of venues including victim rescue to restoration and with top law enforcement, government officials, social services and the medical and faith communities to combat human trafficking.


Nita has worked with victims/survivors of human trafficking and also networked with other national and international anti-trafficking organizations. She brings to the table a deep understanding of trafficking with a compassion for victims, commitment to bring justice to perpetrators and a determination to link arms with other abolitionists to end modern day slavery.


In 2006 Nita began studying about human trafficking. The more she studied, the more she knew she couldn’t sit on the side-lines, knowing these atrocities were taking place all over the world, including in her own backyard.  In 2011 she authored the book In Our Backyard:  A Christian Perspective on Human Trafficking in the United States. 


In addition to the publishing of In Our Backyard, Nita has been published in the Huffington Post, Washington Post, Journal of Christian Nursing and Billy Graham Association’s Decision Magazine among others. 

Nita has been interviewed on CNN, FOX Files and local affiliates of NBC and FOX.


Attending the Super Bowl is every hearty football fan’s dream. Nita attends for a different reason. Though she’s never attended the actual Super Bowl, she directs a team who have done anti-trafficking work in the last five Super Bowls. They works with law enforcement and other government officials to help bring justice to perpetrators and in cooperation with service providers, delivers the best of services to recovered victims. Nita tirelessly oversees the entire operation beginning a year or more previous to the Super Bowl, through Super Bowl Day. Her level-headed approach brings to the table years of Super Bowl experience and also many networking resources.  She has a knack for bringing collaboration among locals for continued anti trafficking efforts. During Super Bowl pre-celebrations, she and her team help identify sex trafficked victims for their recovery and restoration in partnership with law enforcement. Her motto is “we hope to leave the place better than we found it.”


After a career in business, Nita earned her Master’s Degree in Theology with a Concentration in Women’s Concerns. She is a Regional Director of Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans and oversees the Central Oregon Human Trafficking Task Force.


Endorsements for In Our Backyard include Marc Klaas, founder of KlaasKids and frequent guest on CNN’s Nancy Grace and other news networks, Mark Lagon, former U.S. Ambassador and Director of the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (TIP), Attorney General Rob McKenna, Former President of National Association of Attorney’s General, and Lynne Hybels, co-founder of Willow Creek Community Church, and author of Nice Girls Don’t Change the World. Lauran Bethel, International Christian Alliance on Prostitution, has called In Our Backyard the “primer” on Human Trafficking in the United States.  It is the only book of it’s kind which by true stories bring a comprehensive understanding of both sex and labor trafficking in the United States, while being an easy read.


Nita has worked with victims/survivors of human trafficking and also networked with other national and international anti-trafficking organizations. She brings to the table a deep understanding of human trafficking as well as a compassion for victims and a determination to link arms with other abolitionists in order to end modern day slavery.


She is a sought after trainer and motivational speaker having presented to law enforcement, Attorney's General, universities, civic organizations, medical communities, conferences and faith based groups. Some of her specific venues include National Association of Attorney's General, Oregon Youth Authority Parole and Probation, Saddleback Church, Willow Creek Church, Northwest University and many Attorney's General Conferences. She instructs from experience having worked with victims from rescue to restoration. While much of her time is spent planning for Super Bowl's she is committed to staying current by working in “boots on the ground” operations. As a result of many years of anti-domestic violence work, she has a deep understanding of the dynamics of both victims and perpetrators.

In a business career, Nita started, built and sold a successful printing business.  Additionally, she has worked as an Associate Pastor and domestic Violence Chaplain.

She and her husband Dan live in Central Oregon and have two children and two grandchildren.  In her leisure time she loves being with her family, she enjoys fishing, hiking, biking, snowshoeing and enjoying all the beauty Central Oregon has to offer.

Nita is available to present to groups everywhere by doing specific trainings or simply brining awareness. She has an enthusiasm for life and is known as a powerful motivator who will impact any group to which she has the opportunity to present.

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